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The Law Office of Cosmin Popa provides comprehensive Lemon Law services for vehicle owners throughout Washington State. If your vehicle has significant safety-hampering defects despite attempts to fix them, you may be eligible to claim damages by filing a Lemon Law case. Our experienced Lemon Law lawyer can take a closer look at your situation to determine whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon and what legal remedies you can obtain.


What Is Washington’s “Lemon Law?”

Washington’s “Lemon Law” is in place to help vehicle owners who are facing substantial continuing problems with warranty repairs of their vehicles. Washington's Lemon Law requires a manufacturer to replace a defective product (vehicle) or provide the consumer with a refund after a reasonable number of opportunities to repair the vehicle has been given to the manufacturer.

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What Deems a Car a “Lemon?”

A vehicle qualifies as a “lemon” if it has one or more significant defects that have been subject to several attempts at diagnosing or repairing the problems under the manufacturer’s warranty. The law specifies that: 

  • 4 or more attempts to repair the same issue must have been made; or 
  • at least 2 or more repair attempts must have been made for issues that can cause injury or death.

A vehicle is also considered a lemon if it has been out of service for more than 30 days for any repairs.

The defects addressed by Lemon Law fall under the following two categories:

  • Nonconformity – a defect that substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of the motor vehicle that renders the vehicle unreliable, unsafe for ordinary use, or diminished in resale value
  • Serious safety defect – a life-threatening malfunction that impairs the driver’s ability to control or operate the motor vehicle or that creates a risk of fire or explosion

Some examples of Lemon Law vehicle defects are:

  • faulty steering components causing loss of vehicle control;
  • malfunctioning fuel gauges that result in fuel leakage;
  • faulty accelerator controls;
  • faulty windshield wipers;
  • airbags that deploy unexpectedly;
  • child safety seats with defective safety components;
  • faulty brakes;
  • engine temperature issues (e.g., overheating, coolant leaks); and
  • faulty headlights and brake lights.

What Remedies Can Be Claimed

If your Lemon Law claim is successful, you can seek legal remedy through a replacement with an identical or reasonably equivalent vehicle, including any service contract, undercoating, rustproofing, and factory or dealer installed options. The manufacturer is responsible for sales tax, license, and registration fees. 

In some situations, you may request the manufacturer to repurchase your vehicle, in which case they should refund you the purchase price, all collateral charges, and incidental costs.

If you believe you have a Lemon Law claim on your hands, either due to an unusable vehicle or an unsafe vehicle, reach out to the Law Office of Cosmin Popa to discuss your options for legal recourse. We can help you determine your eligibility for a Lemon Law claim and help you pursue legal action for other issues, such as auto recalls or breach of warranty. Your safety is of the utmost priority, and you should not have to pay the price for an unsafe vehicle supplied to you.

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