Breach of Warranty

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Helping Car Owners Take Legal Action for Their Manufacturer’s Breach of Warranty

Just as vehicle purchasers or lessees have a legal obligation to abide by the terms of the car warranty, so do manufacturers. If your manufacturer has breached or violated your car warranty, you can take legal action to claim damages. The Law Office of Cosmin Popa handles a range of vehicular legal disputes and can help you better understand your rights as a Washington vehicle owner if your manufacturer has violated the terms of your warranty.

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Washington’s Implied Warranty Laws

Generally, warranties protect a consumer’s purchase by requiring the manufacturer to ensure the product is safe and appropriate for use. Otherwise, they should take the appropriate actions to remedy the defects.

Under Washington law (RCW 62A.2-314), every used car sold by a dealer in the state for personal use has an "implied warranty of merchantability.” This means that the dealer promises the car will be:

  • fit for ordinary driving purposes;
  • reasonably safe;
  • without major defects; and 
  • of the average quality of similar cars available for sale in the same price range. 

A car can be sold without the implied warranty if the buyer knowingly agrees to waive the warranty and was provided a statement of the characteristics or parts of the car that aren’t covered. The implied warranty cannot be waived if a written warranty is offered with the car or if the customer purchases an extended service warranty from the dealer within 90 days of buying the used car.

Used cars also have another implied warranty – “Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose.” This provides that when the seller knows the vehicle is going to be used for a certain purpose, such as towing a trailer, and the buyer is relying on the seller’s expertise to provide a suitable vehicle, a warranty is created that the item will be fit for that use.

Dealers Are Required to Sell Safe Cars

Car dealers cannot sell cars that are illegal to drive on public roads due to defective or missing safety equipment. As a result, if a customer experiences major problems with the vehicle, then the dealer may be obligated to meet the customer’s request for repairs or repayment of the purchase price.

Some ways dealers may attempt to unlawfully trick or confuse buyers include:

  • Having you sign a contract that does not match the initial terms you agreed to
  • Illegally rolling back the odometer
  • Hiding a lemon or a car that was wrecked by convincing you to buy a car “as is”

Let’s Claim Damages for Your Manufacturer’s Violation

There are a number of ways your manufacturer may have breached your warranty, such as selling you an unusable car or refusing to provide the necessary repairs or replacement after you’ve discovered issues with the vehicle. The Law Office of Cosmin Popa can help you file a Lemon Law claim or otherwise sue for damages against your manufacturer. 

A warranty is supposed to protect you, not harm you. Schedule an initial consultation with the Law Office of Cosmin Popa to take legal action today.