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At Popa Law, we hold the belief that every individual is entitled to skilled legal representation, irrespective of their financial means. Our fee structure is based on contingency, which means we will only receive our legal fee and cover our litigation expenses if we secure a settlement or succeed in winning your case at trial.


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Personal Injury: No Fee, Guarantee

At Popa Law, we believe everyone deserves competent legal representation – no matter how much money they have.

We earn our fee on a contingent basis. This means we only get paid our legal fee and recover our litigation costs if we obtain a settlement or win your case at trial.

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Cosmin Popa

Seattle, washington
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Passionate Advocacy: Fighting For You And Our Community

With determination and honesty, we stand up for your rights. Our goal goes beyond addressing your specific incident–we work to combat and fix larger issues that contribute to it. Our strategies focus not just on winning cases but also on fostering lasting improvements for you and the community. Injuries and the search for justice can impact anyone's life, and when that time arises, we're here for you. As more than just attorneys, we act as your trusted advisors, counselors, and supporters. Our mission is to understand, guide, and relentlessly fight for the results you deserve.

My Law Practice Journey

Cosmin’s legal journey began almost two decades ago, after witnessing his friend almost lose his life in a construction site accident. The pain, fears, and uncertainties he saw helped him dedicate his life to helping others through such difficult circumstances. After four years as a Husky at the University of Washington’s Michael J. Foster School of Business, Cosmin obtained a Juris Doctor degree from Seattle University School of Law. Prior to opening his law practice on the Eastside, Cosmin was an associate attorney in Seattle at the prestigious law firm of Ellis, Li, and McKinstry. He worked on estate planning and litigation, business matters as well as personal injury litigation.

Our legal firm is empathetic to the profound emotional turmoil arising from personal injuries and their subsequent challenges. We strive to offer an inviting environment for clients to openly share their concerns, hurt, and resentment. By means of proficient communication, we exceed conventional legal consultations by providing guidance and fervent representation. We are dedicated to assisting clients in overcoming the intricacies inherent in their specific cases.

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