Personal Injury Firm in Bellevue, WA

Our Personal Injury Approach

Learn about the process from the accident or change in life circumstance to settlement and clarity. Let us help you in your personal injury claim process.

Our 7-Step Personal Injury Process:

We build your case to its full value, leaving no stone unturned. While you focus on recovering from the accident or illness that led up to your claim, we will handle Big Insurance companies.
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Seek Medical Care

Before diving into any legal details, the primary concern is your well-being. Visit a medical practitioner promptly for a thorough examination and to start your recovery process.


Obtain Legal Consultation

Reach out to us as early as possible, be it post-accident or during recovery, to ensure your claim is safeguarded. Avoid signing any documents provided by insurance companies, as they might not prioritize your best interests. In our initial discussion, we evaluate your present situation and advise you on the next steps. Prepare any available documents, including police and incident reports, insurance policies, and car registration.


Our Investigation

We gather information and essential documents to support your claim on a case-by-case basis. As your designated Power of Attorney, we facilitate communication with all relevant parties, such as insurance companies, adjusters, other lawyers, healthcare providers, and law enforcement.


Engage in Negotiations:

Once we've compiled the necessary documents and your recovery is complete, we process the evidence to present the insurance company with a solid demand. We take into account current and future healthcare costs, vehicle repairs, and lost past and future income while negotiating your claim's monetary value. Our team will negotiate with the opposing party to determine the settlement amount based on the incurred losses and pain and suffering.


File a Lawsuit

Should settlement negotiations reach an impasse, we'll proceed to litigation and enter the discovery phase. This includes depositions and requests for discovery. During this period, both sides disclose their investigative findings to validate and defend the claim. Settlement can happen during the lawsuit phase depending on the offers made.


Attempt Settlement

After the discovery phase, we submit a final claim request, aiming to resolve the issue before resorting to a formal trial. This can prevent a drawn-out legal process and help reach a satisfactory settlement. We will guide you throughout the decision-making process.


Going to Trial

In the event a settlement cannot be achieved, the court will schedule a trial date. At trial, particulars and assertions of each party are presented formally. Rest assured that we meticulously prepare for trials from the outset, when necessary and in our clients’ best interest, collaborate with esteemed law firms.